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What is a 00 file?

If you have additional information about the 00 file format or software that uses files with the 00 suffix, please do get in touch - we would love hearing from you. Chrome Firefox Firefox Firefox. Home File Help Guides 00 Files. Opening 00 files Did your computer fail to open a 00 file?

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  • What is a 00 file?.

We explain what 00 files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your 00 files. Software that will open, convert or fix 00 files Windows. Try a universal file viewer Try a universal file viewer like Free File Viewer. How-to guides Windows 10 Chrome Search Engines.

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How to make a .00 file?

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Opening 00 files

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BackupLocation string Backup file local path.

How to open a 00 file

Backup source path has to be local for the restoration to continue. Default behavior: Restore all backup files in the folder. DataDirectory Optional - omit for default string Database data directory. Default folder: Under the "Databases" folder, in a folder that carries the restored database's name. EncryptionKey Optional - omit for default string A key for an encrypted database. Default behavior: Try to restore as if DB is unencrypted. DisableOngoingTasks Optional - omit for default boolean true to disable ongoing tasks after restoring, false to enable tasks after restoring.

Default: false tasks DO run when backup is restored SkipIndexes Optional - omit for default boolean true to disable indexes import, false to enable indexes import. Default: false restore all indexes.

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  4. Restore Database to a Single Node. Configuration Set DatabaseName with the new database name.

    Set BackupLocation with a local path for the backup files. Restore tha database by sending the task to the server.

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    For example - These are the files in your backup folder: The and files will be omitted. Restore Database to Multiple Nodes. Restore the backup to a single node. Modify the database group topology using the Studio or code to spread the database to the other nodes. Restore Database to Multiple Nodes Simultaneously You can create the cluster in advance, and restore the database to multiple nodes simultaneously.

    Recommended Cautions. When you create a backup of a database on one machine and restore it to another, you may be interested more in the database itself than in behaviors accompanying it like its ongoing tasks. Backup file local path. Last backup file to restore. Database data directory.

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