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Sep 04, E. Confusion abounds. She thinks she wants a guy who is normally in a suit, he's a casual kind of guy. They find a way to work it out. Wyatt is interested in the standoffish and prickly CJ but it will take a lot for her to lower her tightly guarded barriers to allow him into her life and then there is the issue of her special needs son. Ends just a bit open-ended. Last Call: Morgan Leigh, Fletcher Graham is instantly attracted to the new chanteuse in town but he has to get beyond the issues that he has not identified himself as the mayor who has been ducking her calls as well as his past traumatic experience with a wife who didn't love his town as he does.

Tess Braeden is in love with her new town, now if only she can find a way to put down permanent roots Ok, but not gripping. Shelves: , reviewed , library , short-stories , romance. Good with his hands by Lori Foster 3 stars This story was good. I liked the characters Pete and Cassidy. There was no real chemistry between the characters and they weren't believable as a couple. Last Call by Morgan Leigh 3 stars I liked this story the most. It was a fun story although the romance was a bit rushed. What else can you expect from a short story. Apr 14, Scoyphenson rated it it was ok.

While I enjoy a good whirlwind romance, I have a hard time accepting love at first sight stories. At least those that immediately result in marriage. All I can think is, what kind of fool agrees to marry someone he or she has known for a day or two? Two of these stories avoided that trap, showing the shift from friendship to love; those were enjoyable. The third was harder to take, based on love at first sight and a preponderance of exclamation points.

The first two stories I liked but the last one I really didn't enjoy. I mean she "falls" in love with this guy in one day!?! Yeah I kind of don't believe that and they decide to get married right away so I kind of didn't feel the connection between both of them. At least the other stories they knew each other even if they got on each other's nerves. I enjoyed first two steamy stories. My overall rating 3. Dec 28, Tasneem rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary-romance.

These stories were okay. I found them a bit uninspiring and uninteresting actually and the plots mostly unbelievable.

Don't bother reading. Jun 29, Kathy rated it liked it Shelves: sensuous , romance. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. But they find love, sex, and friendship can all work together.

CJ has an autistic child, her husband left her when the child was diagnosed, and she plays down her looks to be taken seriously at the Bureau — wearing baggy clothing. And she takes him up on it she deserves a night of letting loose … and he nervously prepares — planning a candlelight dinner, dresses in a tux, buys her a dress and sexy undies… and with a bit of awkwardness, and lots of passion, the night proceeds. Fletcher was a mischievous child in town… got his degree in business, returned to Justice with a wife, his wife wanted the big city and lots of money, he wanted to stay put, she starts going out of town on business refusing his requests to join her… and finally comes home to get a divorce so she can marry a rich man in California.

He is now part owner of the piano bar converted from a regular bar where there was too much drinking and too many problems , and he is mayor. She has been trying to get an appointment with the mayor, but he keeps putting her off. After being there a month, Fletcher stops by the bar and is mesmerized by her singing, feeling as if she is singing to him. She gives him a slight kiss, and ducks into her car and drives away. Apr 07, Karol rated it did not like it Shelves: not-recommended. Aug 01, Ivy Jones rated it liked it.

I enjoyed the first 2 short stories but the third one was SUPER rushed and made the book end on a sour note. Every short story, they automatically fell in love and got engaged right after the fuck, even if they only knee each other 24 hours. I like fantasy but this was downright unrealistic. May 20, TinaMarie rated it really liked it. Good with His Hands by Lori Foster - 4 Co-workers, friends, she's secretly lusted for him, he suddenly starts to lust for her.

She's a planner, he doesn't have a plan. It's nice and simple. Last Call by Morgan Leigh - 4 Instant fall in love romance, also instant lust. I think I needed a little more time for them to 'fall in love' otherwise was a nice quick read. She sees him as a playboy, she dresses like Bill Cosby and he's curious what's she is hiding. Has some 'Miss Congeniality' moments. He works to find the real CJ, while she tries to keep him at bay. I might have liked it more in a full story. It was just okay for me. Nov 20, Under the Covers Book Blog rated it liked it.

Entertains but not really anything to get too excited over, however have to say all three romances while over the top in their race to an HEA did have ultimately satisfying build ups for the couples. Apr 28, Maura rated it really liked it Shelves: keepers , anthology , friends-to-lovers , contemporary-romance , series.

Pete and Cassidy are co-workers, neighbors and friends and have been platonic for almost a year.

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Pete is a bit of a slouch, not really sure what he wants to do but with plenty of time to get there. Cassidy is a woman with a plan for everything, including the man of her dreams - and although Pete doesn't fit the mold, she's willing to make an exception. When we start the story, Pete is really just figuring out the fact that he wants Cassidy, while she has been sure of it for a while.

And seeing these two come together is exceptionally hot.

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This is one of my favorites from Lori Foster. Wyatt and CJ are both special agents - Wyatt has a reputation for being a bit of a womanizer and CJ is an antagonistic, single Mom of an autistic child who hates herself for being attracted to him. When they discover their attraction, Wyatt agrees to put in for a transfer on the condition that she spend one night with him.

They learn a lot about each other and there is a lot of realistic awkwardness, I think. Their night together is great.

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I really wish this could have been drawn out longer, because as much characterization goes into these two and as much detail that goes into their night together, it's disappointing to see how little goes into the wrap-up. I wanted the same detail and depth after reality comes crashing down as well. She's a city girl, fairly worldly, very confident and she's trying to get hold of the mayor so he can help her claim the house she's inherited. And she doesn't realize that Fletcher is the mayor.

Nor is he telling her, because his buddy Coop who knows the whole situation advised him not to. So there's major attraction and they start getting involved all in the space of a morning when Tess finds out Fletcher has lied to her.

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And this would have been a fairly decent and average story up to this point. But then, Tess reasons that she is in the wrong for not knowing he was the mayor, since she assumed he was a mechanic and he never corrected her. And at that point I got irritated - because he lied to her. It was at no point her fault. And he doesn't ever really apologize or explain himself. And then the insta-love kicks in and they're talking about getting married a day after they meet and I was so over this story.

The characters lacked depth. They were just I didn't care about them at all. There were lots of inconsistencies, too. I have trouble believing that Cassidy never let it slip that she had a crush on Pete, especially since they lived in one another's pockets for a year. She's an athletic trainer, but can't carry on a conversation with her sister's jock boyfriend. Pete comes across as nothing more than a horny teenager - he has no finesse. He starts the story thinking about how he could "totally have her if he wanted her," progresses to thinking about being sweet while proceeding to hop into bed as fast as he can, and ends by being a condescending ass in front of her family.

I really hate the "I'm rude to you because I like you" character because she always comes across as either mean or pitiful. CJ has instances of both. As the story progresses, she warms up and you start to like her more.