Guide Cahokia: When Murder Doesnt Die

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The victim is identified as Lamarr Robinson, 30, of the block of Delor Street. Robinson was stabbed in the chest about 10 p. Saturday at the address on Delor.

Cahokia: When Murder Doesnt Die

He died at a hospital. The St. Louis circuit attorney's office on Sunday charged Thomas J. Bricker, 54, of Cahokia, with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. According to court records, a witness told police Bricker had argued with Robinson, and that Bricker then stabbed him.

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Bricker can be heard admitting to the stabbing on the recorded call and while sitting in a holding cell at police headquarters before being questioned, according to court records. Randy L. Sitze, 61, was found slain in his home on Friday. He would only say that Sitze had "obvious signs of injury. Authorities asked anyone with information to call detectives at or email Heather Baker, an intelligence analyst, at hbaker jeffcomo.

Tipsters also can contact CrimeStoppers at Charles man was sentenced Monday to 24 years in prison in a murder at Blanchette Park. Court documents said Morrison and Crump were arguing over money that Crump owed Morrison.

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Morrison shot Crump in the chest, then concealed the gun and fled, the documents say. A jury found Morrison's co-defendant, Lydell Moore, 40, guilty of second-degree murder. His sentencing is scheduled next week. The man, 29, was shot in the face, police said.

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He answered a knock at the door at an apartment in the block of Peabody Court about p. He opened the door, and someone shot him, police said. Illinois is a giant armpit, end of story. I live a town over from Benton and my husband is from Chicago area, we can both attest that it is a shit hole no matter where you go in this state. Nothing but addicts and rednecks. We are in the process of building our credit so that we can move out of this poop shoot as soon as possible.

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This article is as correct as it gets. Those of you offended probably have no teeth and no life. I would practice better grammar and punctuation, if I were you, before accusing people of being of a lower class than one in which you reside. Your an idiot. I now live in Ohio and have traveled all over the US. We grew up poor. Garden fed. My grandpa and grandma was very hard-working. Born with morals values and ethics. Obviously northern Illinois or maybe lack of respect is your failure. I love southern Illinois.

Beautiful, homegrown, hearts full of family, love and consideration. Thank God for opinions huh???

Cahokia: When Murder Doesn't Die

I sure am glad Chicago looks nicer and companies have found cheaper places to manufacture there goods. Oh by the way, the sarcasm was not computer generated. I tend to agree with the article. If you look at what the author is saying, population versus the crime spree we seem to be having. Yes, I want to be able to defend our community, but think about it. And our school systems?

They suck ass, big time. And the housing demands?

  1. Never miss a story;
  2. Most violent weekend in Chicago this year: At least 50 shot, 10 fatally.
  3. Homicide rate down 42% in this year in East St. Louis : StLouis;
  4. Look around, to buy a decent, sound house, the majority of the homes around here that are decent and livable, are out of most of our budgets, the ones that our citizens can afford are dumps. The fact of the matter us, truth hurts. It hits you in the gut. Decatur would like for you to use correct data for your rankings. Our unemployment rate is 6. Please issue a new ranking for us! Speaking of rankings…. Runner Friendly Community. As a person who was born and raised in Decatur, attended Millikin University, and whose family still lives in the area, thanks for sharing the promising information and the link.

    Decatur is absolutely horrible. Riddled with crime and abandoned houses full of druggies, plus the whole city STINKS to high heaven due to the noxious fumes being spewed everywhere. A lower population density is worse? Chicago is the best? That really speaks to the credibility of this screed. You forgot Du Quoin il. Pinckneyville as well. I was on my riding lawnmower to go cut grass like I have done my whole life an one day police pull me over an arrest me for driving on revoked license an take me to jail an impound my lawnmower.

    They that fucking petty. What about Marion, ILL?? It has very good qualities, good schools, and plenty to do. Yea, it has its crime and drama but still a good place.

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    I born and raised there. This article is a bunch of crap, but not as big a turd as this website. The author has probably never been to any of these cities. Bogus statistics as well. Well 83 shootings out of 2,. The News media, big Newspapers cater to the whims of the urban big city, while they ignore small towns. Ah yes, the illustrious school system where they have to keep laying off teachers.

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    Certainly something to be proud of, yes. Our Park District will rival any others north of I, if not blow them out of the water. Do you mean Salem is the home of Cool Whip? Am I wrong about Cairo? The garbage dump reveals the remains of enormous Cahokian festivals, involving as many as 3, slaughtered deer, 7, earthenware pots, and vast amounts of pumpkins, corn, porridge, nuts and berries.

    There's no way to know for sure whether these multiple-day, citywide shindigs were simultaneous with the human-sacrifice rituals, but it's highly plausible, and they were certainly part of the same social system. Pauketat also finds in the trash heap evidence of "spectacular pomp and pageantry. It's possible that the ritual brutality of Cahokia's leaders ultimately led to their downfall, and Pauketat clearly hopes to be among the archaeologists who resolve that mystery.

    But for a century and a half this fascinating and troubling state seemed to function pretty well, and the reasons for that, he suggests, are not mystical but material, and not mysterious but recognizably human. Cahokia forged a new sense of community out of these rituals, one that merged church and state, and Cahokians "tolerated the excesses of their leaders," as most of us do, as long as the party kept going. Buy Now, Pay Later.