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Then He reminded them that when He fed five thousand people with five loaves, the disciples had collected twelve basketfuls of leftover pieces. And when He fed four thousand with seven loaves, they filled seven baskets with leftovers. Long ago, before the invention of mirrors or polished surfaces, people rarely saw themselves. Puddles of water, streams, and rivers were one of the few ways they could see their own reflection. But mirrors changed that. And the invention of cameras took fascination with our looks to a whole new level.

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We now have lasting images of ourselves from any given time throughout our entire life. This is good for making scrapbooks and keeping family histories, but it can be detrimental to our spiritual well-being. The fun of seeing ourselves on camera can keep us focused on outward appearance and leave us with little interest in examining our inner selves. Self-examination is crucial for a healthy spiritual life. God wants us to see ourselves so that we can be spared the consequences of sinful choices.

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The point of this self-examination is not only to make things right with God but also to make sure we are right with one another. Seeing and confessing our sin promotes unity with others and a healthy relationship with God. All our fights and disagreements had to be resolved. I love you. I love you too.

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During a business trip to Philadelphia, I attended an evening service on the Thursday before Easter—a service of Communion and Tenebrae darkness held in a small chapel lit by candles. This was repeated 14 times until the chapel was completely dark. In silence we knelt in prayer and then left one by one without speaking. An estimated 2 million people came to enjoy an event the director hoped would connect people from many cultures, generations, and nations.

When a US Navy vessel arrives or departs from the military bases in Pearl Harbor, the crew of that ship lines up in dress uniform. It is a stirring sight, and participants often list it among the most memorable moments of their military career. It is something that can be easy to dread, and even to fear. Still, we know that we need this evaluation to understand our physical well-being and what is needed as we move forward. On this day, being with a community of believers has become very meaningful to me.

Love God. Love Others. They were reminders so people would not forget. Passover was a reminder to God's people of the last plague of Egypt which took the first-born of every family who did not have blood applied to the doorpost of their home. This memorial was not meant to remind them of death, but of life and mercy Exodus God provided life when death was eminent. He was merciful to those who believed and obeyed.

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There was a memorial for remembering the manna which God provided in the wilderness Exodus Another memorial was established to record the names of the tribes of Israel which God had established as a covenant Exodus It shall therefore be a witness to you, lest you deny your God" Joshua Yet, of all memorials ever established, there is one which stands head and shoulders above all others; and that is the memorial of communion. It's the last one I'll eat until we all eat it together in the kingdom of God.

As for Me, I'll not drink wine again until the kingdom of God arrives.

Eat it in My memory. Although the disciples had little understanding of what Jesus was instituting on this night, it has since become a memorial as He said it would. The Apostle Paul memorialized the Lord's Supper in his first letter to the Corinthians instructing them to continue this tradition as a reminder of God's love and mercy.

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This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me'" 1 Corinthians By the Holy Spirit, Paul received instruction to pass on to God's people the importance of instituting a memorial for Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. In every memorial, something is established to put people in remembrance of certain facts. In communion, the actual bread and wine or juice have no real power in and of themselves. Yet because of what they represent, they have great power for the believer. The bread represents healing for the outward man. Jesus said, "This is My body which is broken for you.

Likewise, the cup represents forgiveness for the inward man. When we study the different memorials set up in remembrance of God's deliverance or provision, we notice there is never a set timeline for memorials. Each one had its own guidelines. For example, the Passover was to be memorialized once a year, whereas the memorial for God's people to remember His Word was only a large stone placed under an oak tree.

This memorial would be visible to all who passed by, thus establishing a regular reminder throughout the year, not just once. In the same way, the Lord's Supper or Communion has its own timeline. Paul said, "For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death till He comes" 1 Corinthians The key words here are "as often.

He simply said as often as you do this insinuating whenever it is you take communion remember there is a purpose.

Jesus warned us about allowing traditions to rob God's Word of its power and authority. A good example is found in Mark, Chapter Seven.


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The Pharisees criticized Jesus' disciples for the way they washed their hands stating it was against Jewish tradition. And many such things you do" Mark I dare say we have done the same with the Lord's Supper. Communion can become a tradition which we partake of forgetting the real power of its memorial. It's not about only remembering the bread represents Jesus' body and the cup represents Jesus' blood.

Communion is about remembering WHY the bread and cup were given.