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The cast of scruffy sea adventurers have obvious parallels with the crew of the Nostromo in Scott's classic, but aside from the late, great Miguel Ferrer as the cowardly technician, Snyder, they're an anonymous bunch of actors largely culled from American TV; Taurean Blacque was best known for his role in Hill Street Blues, while Nancy Everhard, as the vaguely Ripley-esque Joyce, had made appearances in such 80s staples as Airwolf and The A-Team. The real star of the show, we suppose, is the prehistoric monster, designed by Chris Wallas. The only trouble is, it takes what feels like an absolute eternity for the beast to arrive; in the meantime, we have to put up with soap opera character exchanges "You're pregnant!

The fun doesn't really start until the last half hour, when the big, brown, wobbly sea creature which looks uncannily like one of the Graboids out of Tremors leaps from an airlock and bites one of the supporting characters clean in half. Thereafter, DeepStar Six moves along like an early cousin of Renny Harlin's similarly watery Deep Blue Sea, as the remaining survivors paddle around a flooded base with an angry monster in their midst in DeepStar Six, it's an aquatic dinosaur of some sort; in Deep Blue Sea, the predators are clever sharks. Our favourite bit? The sequence where Miguel Ferrer's character accidentally harpoons one of his friends, runs off in a panic, then explodes from rushing to the surface too quickly in an escape pod.

It's not quite Scanners , but it's still fairly gruesome. Best line: "Don't be an idiot! We'll all decompress! We'll explode like a bunch of ripe melons! Of all the sub- Abyss water movies, Leviathan has by far the best pedigree. In sci-fi story terms, Leviathan is no less schlocky than DeepStar Six, though the expanded budget and work from cinematographer Alex Thomson Legend, Labyrinth, John Boorman's Excalibur means it's far better shot and lit. Again, the plot follows the Alien format: the monster doesn't appear until the midpoint, by which time we've met the neurotic cast and observed several blinking and beeping computer displays.

Then there's the quirkily creative way the monster gets inside the deep-sea mining platform: the mutant-making disease we mentioned earlier is stored inside a bottle of vodka discovered on a derelict Soviet vessel. Within hours of drinking the spiked hooch, several crewmembers begin to undergo hideous mutations until, by act three, there are all kinds of gelatinous fish-beasts running around the place.

Leviathan 's debt to John Carpenter's The Thing is obvious, and if the creature effects aren't as horrifyingly beautiful as the ones Rob Bottin made in that flat-out classic, then director George P Cosmatos at least keeps things going at an entertaining clip. Other highlights include Meg Foster as the obligatory cold, uncaring corporate type curiously, the expected moment where she's revealed to be a robot never comes , a scene where Michael Carmine's attacked by a giant eel, and Amanda Pays delivering one of the cheapest jump-scares in cinema history.

Marine Biodiversity of Aotearoa New Zealand

Best line: "You don't know shit about skiing, man! They don't have skiing in Spanish Harlem! Producer Roger Corman wasn't slow in jumping on the post- Alien sci-fi horror bandwagon with such films as Galaxy Of Terror and Forbidden World , so it probably wasn't surprising that he quickly caught wind of the " Alien under the ocean" zeitgeist at the same time as Leviathan and DeepStar Six. In fairness, your humble writer hasn't seen this film since the VHS days of the early 90s, so memories of this Corman joint directed by Mary Ann Fisher, who produced such Z-grade wonders as Android and Battle Beyond The Stars are somewhat fuzzy.

Where those undersea nightmares featured a prehistoric sea creature and mutant fish-men respectively, Lords Of The Deep sees a bunch of scientists encounter a race of aquatic aliens that - as in The Abyss - turn out to be peaceful sorts in the end. Curiously, the aliens even look like the ones Cameron came up with in The Abyss translucent, manta ray type things , there's a human villain Bradford Dillman's Commander Dobler and there's even a Big Theme war in The Abyss, destruction of the environment in Lords Of The Deep.

We're firmly back in horror territory with this relatively late entry in the undersea sci-fi genre, which features a surprisingly decent cast of character actors: R Lee Ermey, Ray Wise and TV star Jack Scalia Remington Steele, Dallas. Juanita de la Cruz, photographed for Good Housekeeping Walter Buckert, photographed for Group Practice magazine Office products division, Miami, Fl, photographed for I. Oceanology conference, Brighton, England, photographed for Standard Oil Miami, Florida meeting, photographed for Patient Care Salesman training school, Ft.

Lauderdale, photographed for Xerox Troup Brothers Inc. Fire post, photographed for Explorer magazine Round table discussion, photographed for Patient Care Don Wynstein, redcaps charter, photographed for Financial World Robert Cade, photographed for Science Digest Puerto Rican Independence Party. Reuben Berrios, president Lipton — Larry Rivers in Everglades personal, negatives and contact sheets, Frank Sparber, 50th wedding anv. Great White Shark master negatives, slides, contacts, and print materials: Rodney Fox shark attack survivor, , Human Sensuality Project negatives, contact sheets, prints, and model releases, circa Human Sensuality Project contact sheets and prints, circa Atocha shipwreck slides, contact sheets, transparencies and printed materials, circa Miscellaneous photos for periodicals and books, slides, negatives, and contact sheets, circa , Negatives, transparencies, contact sheets, and prints, circa Files related to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lists of photographs selected for Matin Luther King, Jr. Expenses involved in promotion of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Alitalia trophy for UW [underwater] experimental photography, Arbatax, Sardinia, Italy, correspondence, Macalester College, letter of invitation, ideas and proposal, correspondence, final report. Creative Services Photo Documentary, tape Run Jan.

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Versions of biography, Witness to Our Times: My Life as a Photojournalist , faxes with Matt Schudel, digital prints of possible cover photos, Corbis royalty statement, Correspondence with Czech friend and photog. Chester Cassel, University of Miami, endowed chair in gastroenterology, information.

C and space camp, information and schedule. Cynthia Gregory and Fernando Bujones, tearsheets and contact sheets Portable cardiograph LIFE story, words and contact sheets Joe Rosenthal: Iwo Jima flag raising, research, correspondence, photos, articles in binder. Key West, Fla. Binders of captions, information on photo subjects, research notes, magazines, newspapers, assorted files. Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. A Journey in Search of History and Dialogue, Remembrances of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Breakfast video featuring photographs from Flip Schulke. January 12, Interview by National Catholic TV. Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. Flip Schulke interview on Mpls. Breakfast Video featuring photographs from Flip Schulke.

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  • Assorted clips: 1. MLK, Jr. Albany Martin Luther King, Jr. Exhibit; Jackie.


    Peter Bragan. Breakfast video featuring photographs from Flip Schulke, made Oct. Eugene Smith, slides in carousel in box. It is on the unceded territory of the Tsimshian people.

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    Drinking coffee while watching the sunrise is something that I look forward to every morning. Knowing that I get to work on projects that are contributing to the knowledge of Indigenous fisheries is what actually gets me up in the morning. I come from the Tsimshian people, my crest is the Gisbutwada orca , and I belong to the Gitwilgyoots People of the Kelp tribe. My passions are fish, streams, and oceans. My career path has allowed me to study juvenile salmon, track Dungeness crab, monitor Indigenous fisheries, and see most of my traditional territory.

    My passions are driven by my culture and living a traditional way of life. My favorite type of Indigenous fishery to participate in is for eulachon. I chose to work in fisheries because this is what is closest to my heart and where I feel I can make the most difference for my community.

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    I have two dogs, both who get a lot of my attention! I have a husky mix named Lola and an Irish setter named Dave. Both have very different personalities and a lot of energy! They keep me in line and make sure that I get my daily dose of nature! In April , I had come home from school for my summer break. I was invited out with the Coastal Cultural Canoeing group on a traditional styled Tsimshian canoe.