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The school has about students and is a one hour flight from Paris. It can also be accessed with the high speed train route to Brest. The school is highly interested to establish a partnership and an exchange program with an American high school in the Boston area.

About 20 of the 11th and 12th grade students are looking forward to discovering the American way of life and sharing their French way of life with their counterparts. Manchester Essex Regional High School is looking to partner with another school in organizing a trip abroad.

Our teachers currently have young children at home and are not available to travel and are wondering if another school would be interested in including our students in their future trip. We are a small school but have some future seniors and juniors that are really interested in traveling. Mon projet repose sur deux axes. Le-Corre ac-rennes.

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These trips were amazing moments for kids from both our school and our American partners. Consequently, if your school would rather have an exchange with the High School than the Middle School, it is a possible option.

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Our school is a private middle school as well as a high school situated in Pessac, in the surroundings of Bordeaux, in the south of France. If your school or any school that you might be in contact with is likely to be interested in starting a partnership with our school, whether it be for a full exchange program or just to welcome us in the US, please do not hesitate to contact me. Starting over from scratch can be an opportunity to build something great.

Enjoy your holidays at your favourite ski resort!!!


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Tanya, Cyprus Stralang İnstitute. Ozde, Cyprus Stralang İnstitute. Ceren, Turkey Stralang İnstitute. Stralang offers complete training and courses in Strasbourg. The city, located in the heart of Europe, is the ideal setting to learn a new language.