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In his dream, Daniel finally gives up, admitting he never knew the location of the city. Osiris ends the connection and attacks him with her Kara kesh , but the others intervene. When Osiris can't use her transporter she leaves the house while attacking SG-1 with a Za'tarc ring.

Outside Pete appears, but he and Sam are attacked by Osiris, who has activated a personal shield and blows up the truck.

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Osiris is stunned by Jack, but Sam realizes that Pete was critically wounded. At the SGC, Sarah wakes up with a start; Daniel, sitting at her bedside, explains that they captured her and had Tok'ra extract Osiris. Finally free from Osiris' contact, Sarah breaks down and cries on Daniel's shoulder. In another room, Pete is visited by Sam, who finally tells him the truth about her work and the Stargate.

Carter : I feel compelled to warn you.

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Most of the guys I've dated recently have died. Pete : As in— Carter : Dead. Sarah : You know I must have read everything you ever published.

Jackson : Everything? Sarah : Yes. Jackson : Well what a waste of time. Carter : I am? O'Neill : You are. Carter : Sorry. A brief pause O'Neill : What's his name? Carter : Now, why -- O'Neill : Humming. Carter : Pete.

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O'Neill : Pete. Carter : Pete Shanahan. He's a cop. O'Neill : Speeding again, are we? Carter : From Denver. He's a friend of my brother's. O'Neill : A setup?

Sara and the Chimera: Seven Stars - download pdf or read online

Carter : Pathetic, I know. O'Neill : No, it's great. Carter: Really? O'Neill : Isn't it? Carter : Well, it's not serious or anything.

Sara and the Chimera: Seven Stars - download pdf or read online

O'Neill : And yet, it is Carter : Sir O'Neill : Now, Carter, it's none of my business. I'm just happy that you're happy about something other than Farrity : If you ask me this Major Carter is connected to something big. This one's way out of your league.

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Pete : Hey! It's not like I'm dating her or anything. Farrity : Right.

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While on the stakeout O'Neill : Hey Daniel Daniel, you sleeping yet? Jackson : Yes, Jack, I'm fast asleep. But what is the situation? Well, Robert also wants to do a story that reunites Daniel with Osiris. Now what do I do? Now I have to have a relationship! How does that work? You followed me to that stake-out!

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How does the MacGyver theme song go? It was a throw-away that was, perhaps, a little too subtle. I love Ben. I would have loved to use him, and I think the crossover would have been a lot of fun.