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The more you explore, intellectually, spiritually and geographically, the more powerful you become. And the great joke about and is that the whole time you felt you were being kept very small in the frame, you were actually getting bigger the whole time. You will see just how firmly your hands are on the reins in January One trip in particular this year could also be the most empowering head-trip.

It's not just about the hotel or the guide book. I mention this now so you can have Plan B up your sleeve and read the fine print. Computers, the post, the internet, unreliable plans or even the weather could play its part. You will not know exactly where you stand until after March 18th, yet once you're over this pesky Mercury Retrograde cycle, you are on your way to an amazing and enduring Psyche cycle. Both Psyche and Proserpina will transit Aquarius at the top of your horoscope in so this is more than just another year on the CV. You are contributing to something which will last forever.

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It stands there for years — perhaps even after you are gone — so inject exactly what you feel should last into the situation. In all cases, once the North Node moves into Libra at the end of February you could be stuck in the most repetitive situation until the end of and the high levels of tension would linger until the end of July. Keep the stakes low. Any simmering tension will disappear on Saturday July 26th when Mars changes signs but you should also be careful near 15th April when I don't believe you will get the full story.

The focus is squarely on your job, university course or non-profit commitment. And perhaps as an entwined issue, your physical condition — and the way your body defines who you are, and what you can and cannot do in your life. Mars always brings the potential for conflict. Cast not the first stone nor cast one back.

If you absolutely must get into some kind of heated situation lower the stakes. Fortunately from March the wheels will turn and by July you can congratulate yourself on exceeding your own expectations as a writer, public speaker, singer, internet guru, publisher — and in fact across all platforms for your communication skills. Keep aiming high and using this cycle to its fullest extent. You are not spinning your wheels, Taurus, you are preparing to accelerate and from March you're fast tracked to the most amazing breakthrough. Light appears at the end of the tunnel from the last three days in December and you will be given a welcome break for around five months, until May until the entire cycle is mostly over at Christmas Just avoid tricky times for big decisions about this person.

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Those dates include the partial eclipse on 23rd October allow 24 hours either side and the full Mercury Retrograde period, including the shadow, which starts near 28th September and is not complete until 11th November. You will not be given the full and complete story about this man or woman then. In general, make allowances for cancellations, delays and reversals affecting your relationship with your former, current or potential partner in October. By the way, if you have an enemy, opponent or rival and are fed up with a protracted situation, try striking up a partnership any kind somewhere else in your life.

Suddenly that will take the full weight of the cycle. It's an old trick but a good one.

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Create a double-act or duet even if it's just based on a fleeting project or interest - and skip the battle royal. This is the best cycle in 12 years for home improvements, a new lease, a useful home exchange, a first home purchase, a home exchange and so on. Even your home town and homeland may go through a process of long overdue improvement thanks to council or government decisions. The family relationships and household politics will benefit you too; I expect you'll see a spike in progress in June and July and by August will be marvelling at how much can skyrocket in a short space of time.

Yani ki kisi ka wiwah ya bachche ka janm hone ke yog ban rahe hain. Aap apane ghar pariwar ke sadasyon ka hit karate rahenge. Lekin bich-bich men pariwar ke kuchh sadasyon ka bartaw aapako achchha nahin lagega. Sal ke doosare bhag men yatraon ke karan aapako apane pariwar se door rahana pad sakata hai.

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Ghar pariwar ko lekar is warsh aapako kuchh kharche bhi karane pad sakate hain. Halanki aapake aisa karane se aapako yash aur dhan ki prapti bhi hogi. Yani ki kuchh pareshaniyan rahane ke bawajood yah warsh pariwarik mamalon ke liye achchha rahega. Yadi aap pichhale dinon se kisi bimari ki wajah se pareshan hain to chhathe bhaw men sthit shani aur rahu aapake swasthy ko kuchh kamajor kar sakate hain.

Halanki isase aapako chintit hone ki nahin balki chintan karane ki aawashyakata hai. Kyonki rahu ki sthiti julaee ke bad badalane wali hai jo swasthy ko behatar karega. Fir bhi khan-pan par sanyam rakhana bahut jaroori hoga sath hi gair-jaroori yatraon se bachaw bhi jaroori hoga. Prem prasangon ke liye yah sal mila jula rah sakata hai. Halanki sal ke shuruaat men sab kuchh badhiya rahega. Prem ki pragadata ya sagaee ke liye warsh anukool rahega.

Naye prem ki bhi sambhawana hai. Wiwahit logon ko santan ka prem aur sukh nasib hoga. Lekin sal ke doosare bhag men kuchh pareshaniyan rah sakati hain. Yadi aap wiwahit hain to jiwanasathi ko lekar pareshaniyan rah sakati hain. Chhote mote jhanjhat ya wiwadon ke upajane se prem men kami aayegi. Gairashadishuda logon ke prem ke kiye gaye jhoothe wade wiwad ka karan ban sakate hain. At: sabhi pahaluon par gaur karate huye sanyam se kam lekar aap jiwan ko khushanuma bana sakate hain.

Hindi horoscope ke anusar karyakshetr ke liye samany taur par yah warsh achchha rahega. Dasamesh shani chhathe bhaw men uchchawastha men hai. Jo naukaripesha logon ke liye ek sakaratmak sandesh de raha hai. Yani naukaripesha ka pramoshan hone ke yogayog kafi majaboot dikh rahe hain. Ya fir unhen koee behatar naukari mil sakati hai.

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Aisi sthiti men kuchh adhik bhag daud ka hona swabhawik hai. Naee jagah par ghulane milane men kuchh samay jaroor lag sakata hai fir bhi naukari pesha ko labh dene ka sanket yah warsh kar raha hai. Wyawasayiyon ke wyawasay men bhi sudhar hone ke yog hain lekin unhen lagatar mehanat karate rahana hoga. Halanki aap dainik karyon men sfoortiwan bane rahenge aur karyakshetr men achchha karate rahenge.

Is sal aapaki aamadani men badottari sambhaw hai.

2014 Taurus Horoscope

Swabhawik hai isase aapaki aarthik samasyayen to kam hongi hi sath hi aapaki bachat karane ki koshish men bhi ijafa hoga. Yah sal aapako kisi apratyasit jagah se bhi labh karawa sakata hai. Halanki sal ke pahale bhag men aap kisi dharmik kary men kuchh kharche kar sakate hain athawa pariwar ke sadasyon tatha any logon ke hit men bhi aap kar sakate hain. Sal ke doosare bhag men kisi bade niwesh wishesh kar jamin jayadad ke niwesh men judane se pahale bhali bhanti manthan kar len. Hindi Rashifal ke anusar samany taur par yah sal widyarthiyon ke liye achchha rahega. Warsh ke pahale bhag men to widyarthiyon ko kafi anukool parinam milenge.

Is samay aap bainkig ya mainejament jaise kshetron ki padaee ke liye samay kafi shubh rahega. Lekin sal ke doosare bhag men kisi bhi prakar ki laparawahi karana uchit nahin rahega.